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October 18, 2015, Frieze Art Fair 2015: 10 things we learned - The Metropolist

October 16, 2015, Next Frieze London's leading art fair is underway!

October 15, 2015, Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2015: the ... - Time Out

October 14, 2015, Top 10 Booths at Frieze London 2015 - artnet News

March 26, 2015, Ann Agee at PPOW, Art In America, the Lookout, Julia Wolkoff

March 17, 2015, Ann Agee Domestic Translations, Wide Walls, Urban

July 24, 2014, The New York Times, "Clash of the Items, at a Gallery Near You", Roberta Smith.

July 10 - 15 Aug, 2014, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York, "The Amusing Style - Wall Street International.

January 10, 2013, Hrag Vartanian Catalogue essay for Printed History: Ann Agee, Saul Chernick, and Zefrey Throwell at Gowanus Studio Space (January 10–19, 2014 )

February 6, 2013, "...That Women Tend to Make: The Female Gaze", ArtCritical, Edward M. Epsein

October 15, 2012, The Review Panel, ArtCritical, Philadelphia, David Cohen with Epstein, Wei and Newhall at the Pennsylvania Academy to discuss the work of Ann Agee and others currently on view in Philadelphia.

October 9, 2012, Unalienated Labor, Art In America: Q&A - Faye Hirsch with Ann Agee

September 9, 2012, Philadelphia Inquirer, Galleries, Edith Newhall

March 12, 2012, Art Daily Playing House

February 24, 2012, The New York Times, "Museum Adds Illusion to Static Period Rooms", Eve M. Kahn

February 23, 2012, T Magazine, "Now Showing / Playing House", Pilar Viladas

March 1, 2011, Art in America International Review, Ann Agee - Locks, Lilly Wei

March 1, 2011, Art News, reviews, Robin Rice

March 1, 2011 Artforum review, Ann Agee Locks Gallery, Nell McClister

December 5, 2010, Galleries: Sculptor Lynda Benglis reexamining color's possibilities. Edith Newhall

November 19, 2010 Now Showing | Ann Agee -

2009,Star Tribune, Minneapolis, "Art: Pottery or Potty? Walker Art Centers new show of Ceramic Art has a weird obsession with the Scatalogical", Mary Abby, July 23

March,1, 2009 The New York Times, Crucible of Creativity, Stoking Earth into Art, Roberta Smith

December 21st, 2006 Village Voice, RC Baker

February 1 2006 Art In America, Ann Agee at PPOW, Faye Hirsch

September 16, and 24, 2005, New York Times, "Listings", Ann Agee, Boxing in the Kitchen, Ken Johnson

2005, Art News, Ann Agee at PPOW, Valerie Gladstone, November issue

2005, Antiques, Museum Acquisitions, Elenor H. Gustafason, January issue

January, 7 2004 The Times, London, Arts:Theyv'e got Views, Corporeal Identity Body Language, Nicholas Wapshott

April 2004 Art News, Reviews, Corporeal Identity, Body Language, Barbara A. MacAdam

December 3, 2003 The New York Times, Art Review, Celebrating the Flesh, Its Fullness, Its Frailties, Its Forbidden Secrets, Grace Glueck

February 23, 2003 The Providence Journal, RISDI show never goes flat,Bill Van Siclen

July 2002 Art In America, Ann Agee at PPOW, Janet Koplos

November 12, 2001, The New Yorker, Galleries-Downtown, Ann Agee

April 2000 Elle (Italy) Le Belle Statuine:Elle Incontra Ann Agee, Ilaria Dagnini Brey

December 26, 1999, The New York Times Magazine, Pilar Valdez

March 28, 1998, Kansas City Star, A Way Out of the Ordinary, Alice Thorson

Feb 1997 Art In America, Ann Agee at Yoshii, Robert Kushner

January 28 1997, Michegan Daily, Warren Robbins Center Exhibition review, Anitha Chatam

January 18 1997, Ann Arbor News, Three Artists, Countless Ideas in 'Handmade Tales', Emily Sendler

October 15, 1996 Review, Ann Agee, Yoshii, Domonique Nahas

October 7 1996, New York Magazine, On View, Ann Agee "Quotidian" at Yoshii

September 26, October 1 and 29, 1996 ,Village Voice, Voice Choices Ann Agee, "Quotidian" at Yoshii, Kim Levin

May 26, 1996 Ann Arbor News, Chicagos expo's worldwide acclaim grows , Roger Green

March 1995, Art in America, Ann Agee at Arena, Faye Hirsch

1994 Parachute, "Bad Girls" Ingrid Schaffner, Oct, Nov, Dec issue

October 1994 , New York Newsday, Putting Yourself in Artists Places, Rooms with Views, Ann Agee at Arena, Amei Wallach

August 5 1994,The New York Times Art in Review, Ann Agee / Julie Trager at Yoshii, Holland Cotter

July 26, 1994, Village Voice, Voice Choices, Ann Agee/Julie Tragger, at Yoshii, Kim Levin

March 1994, Metropolis, Bath-ing Beauty, Nancy Bless

February 27 1994 USA Today, A good Time with Bad Girls, David Zimmerman

February 27,1994, San Francisco Examiner, Bad Girls in NY, Kenneth Baker

February 7 1994, The New York Observer, Abroader View if Feminism, Grace Glueck

February 4 1994 New York Newsday, 'Bad Girls' Want's to have fun, Amei Wallach

February 1, 1994 The Village Voice, And Everything Nice. Elizabeth Hess

January 21, 1994 The New York Times, Raucous Caucus of Feminists Being Bad, Roberta Smith

January 16 1994, The New York Times, The Art of Bad Girls

January1994 Elle, Bad Girl Art, Ruby B. Rich

November 5 1993, New York Times, Oh so Traditional, Oh so Subversive, Susan Slesin

March 3 1991 Chicago Tribune, Selective Guide to events around town. A New Twist: Ann Agee


Bad Girls, The New Museum, Marcia Tucker and Marsha Tanner

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Yoshii Gallery, Maureen Sherlock

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